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EThis work represents an important step in our artistic path. It marks the first exploration of what we could call a contemporary play. In fact, the text used in this case – Peter Handke’s Self-Accusation – is structured through cells which are portions of discourse  separated by spaces. It doesn’t offer neither a plot, a situation, nor characters. We started from this point: how can we explore this kind of material?

In this production there are no characters. In other words, the fictional beings who play in this production are not individuals or types, but actants. The actions performed by them are not determined by a unified, coherent psychological unity; they are catalizers of processes and expressive qualities which can refer to different situations and narrative procedures. The exploration of the elements present in the show, from lighting to costumes, from objects to music reveals an investigation which started with the construction of the actor’s dramaturgy to involve progressively different scenic dramaturgies.

Silence was invited by international theatre festivals, such as Teatro a Mil (Chile) and Festival de Theatre Franco-Iberique (France).

Cast: Matteo Bonfitto e Yedda Chaves

Light Design: Marisa Bentivegna

Cenography: Marcio Tadeu

Costumes: Beth Lopes

Sound Design: Marcelo Pellegrini

Executive Producer: Allucci

Based on Self-Accusation, by Peter Handke

Directed by Beth Lopes

Duration: 50 min. approximately

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