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Graziela Mantoanelli

Actress, graduated from the Indac theater school, master at USP, member of the OPOVOEMPÉ theater group since 2005. She

coordinated the cultural project Acervo Mariposa (Video library specializing in dance), in its implementation, prioritizing the dissemination and circulation of works and participating in festivals in

all over Brazil and educational events in São Paulo. In the USA she participated in 2006 in the SITI Company Summer training in Skidmore College and in 2005 SITI Company in LA Summer Intensive, training in Suzuki Method of actor training, Viewpoints and Composition class.

In dance, she develops a personal research with the language of butoh. Performed body training with Tadashi Endo, Henrique Dias, Cacá Carvalho, Roberto Bacci and Silvia Pasello. She studied contemporary dance and contact and improvisation with Adriana Grechi, Sheila Arêas, Mara Guerreiro, Thelma Bonavita, Lívia Seixas.


With the OPOVOEMPÉ group, she participated in the URBAN FESTIVAL – Croatia (2008); SESC Arts Exhibition 2008; Feverestival (2008) – Campinas; Fringe (2008) – Curitiba.


Her most recent works: Out of Key – urban intervention with OPOVOEMPÉ; 9:50 Any Sofá – theatrical performance with OPOVOEMPÉ, Bazar Utopias – dance performance with the solo Coluna do Meio; Corpos Estranhos – Primavera Dança, show of new choreographers at Teatro Fábrica, directed by Giovani Tozi; Xodó – collective creation presented in California, USA. He started collaborating with PERFORMA in 2009.

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