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3D premiered at I FISAD, event which had as a theme “The Sense of the Body” (“Il Senso del Corpo”) – and took place at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, in Italy, in 2015.

This performance articulates three individual materials – DIVE, PLAYING WITH FEAR, IMPALPABLES, and the first one is proposed as a video-installation.

These materials emerged from a sort of axis – a relatiosnhip between real action and cinema, materialized through different projection procedures. These materials are permeated by unsayable and slippery qualities of human experience which are explored through a relationship between a precise sequence of images and a physical score.

The relationship between action and image in this case does not remain as an illustration. On the contrary, it is generated of a tensive process which goes towards the limits of language. Each of these performances tries to explore these limits from different points of view and frames of reference.


Performers: Matteo Bonfitto, Melissa Ferreira and Silvia Magnani

Creation Video: Milton de Andrade

Conceived and directed by Milton de Andrade

View and/or Download the Clipping and Light Rider file from the Show

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