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PERFORMA is a Performative Research Collective founded by theatre director and performer Matteo Bonfitto. The work developed by us is focused on Artistic Creation and Research. Its objective is to develop a process of continuous artistic exploration, which can aggregate artists from different art forms as well as professionals from different areas and non-professionals. In this respect, each project can involve various collaborators and generate specific creative processes. As a result, instead of catalising just similar desires and pursue similar aims, we try to work, in each case, with diversities: social, cultural and even artistic ones.


Besides artistic results formatted as theatre productions and performances, PERFORMA nourishes a space created in order to explore what we call ‘Studies’ as well as ‘Processes’. The investigations carried out in these cases aim to stimulate experiments  which are seen as occurrences produced within a open field of  possibilities.


The acts carried out by the actor-performer can function as a catalyst of many layers: its physical aspects, its social and cultural resonance and its sensible qualities. Through the intertwining between what is seen and what cannot be seen but it is perceived, these acts can be materialized. Then, noun becomes verb, and the performative can, thus, perform.


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