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Beto Amorim
Actor and Dancer
Graduate in Architecture - Accessibility, with more than thirty years of experience as a performer, highlighting works under the command of choreographers Ivaldo Bertazzo, (“Luz, Calma e Volúpia” and “Tupy Tu És”); Jorge Garcia (“Um Conto Idiota”, “Cabeça de Orfeu” and “Interlúdio”, having been a member for three
years of Jgarcia Dança Contemporânea); João Andreazzi ("The Last Temptations of Santo Antão" and "Somewhere Out of the World" - APCA Award 2005); Fernanda Amaral, from Cia Dança sem Fronteiras ("Olhar de Fog", "In the Same Scene" and "Em Cena" ); and theater directors Fernando Peixoto (“Maria Quitéria”), Ary França (“Santos
Dumont”), Jorge Fernando (“A Gaiola das Loucas”), Vladimir Capella (“Maria Borralheira”), Zé Henrique de Paula (“Casa/Kabul”) and with the XPTO Group (“O Sonho de Voar”). He performed in the authorial solos: “Santos Solos– Santos Dumont by himself’” (Funarte Myriam Muniz Theater Award), “Native Tourist – a study” (performed in
Lisbon, PT), “Look at the Bird!” and “Selfie is self-portrait?”, from theater dance. Made corporal preparation of: “As Troianas – Vozes da Guerra”, directed by Zé Henrique de Paula; “Popota Tour”, Lisbon, PT; and body preparation and movement direction for “Megera Domada”, directed by Aimar Labaki; “Canção de Amor em Rosa” and “Carmen de Bizet”, by Fernanda Maia and “The Name of Things” with Suia Legaspe; and the long film in the post-production phase “Cordially Yours”, by Aimar Labaki. Signed the scenic direction of the musical show “Tempo”, with Manuel Filho; “What are days made of?”, performance-recital by Norma Gabriel and “Roupa de Ver Deus”, theatrical solo by Isadora Jäger; and the co-direction of “Santos Solos...”, with Ary França and “I see an angel who sees you” with Isadora Jäguer. Assisted in the direction of “Interlúdio” with JGarcia Dança Contemporânea, for several shows by Cia. Dança sem Fronteiras, in “O Contra” for Zé Henrique de Paula and in “Carmem, by Bizet”, for Fernanda Maia. He acted in "End of Match" by Samuel Beckett, directed by Yoshi Oida and Matteo Bonfitto.
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