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Edinho Rodrigues
Branca e Branca Produções Artísticas Ltda (Brancalyone Produções).
Founded in 2003 by Edinho Rodrigues, it carried out, produced and managed several theatrical shows, among which stand out: “Samwaad-Rua
do Encontro” - directed by Ivaldo Bertazzo; “The Night Before the Forest”- 2 Nominations for the 2006 Shell Award; “Assim Com Rose” directed by
Jairo Mattos; “O Avarento”- with Paulo Autran; “Hands Up, St.
Paulo!”- with Rosi Campos, Regiane Alves, Marcos Mion, Ary França; "O
Bem Amado”- with Marco Nanini (SP production); “Sweet Delight”- with
directed by Marília Pêra (SP production); “The Number One Girl” with
Monique Alfradique; “A Loba de Ray-Ban” with Christiane Torloni; “Hell”-
with Bárbara Paz and direction by Hector Babenco; “A Port for
Elizabeth Bishop”- with Regina Braga and directed by José Possi Neto; “The Pillwoman” directed by Bruno Guida and Dagoberto Feliz; “The Express do Por do Sol”, directed by Fábio Assunção; “Black Bull”,
flamenco show directed by Debora Dubois, “Da Vinci, Machiavelli and I”, monologue with Tadeu Di Pyetro and directed by Elias
Andreato, “Lampião e Lancelote” (musical winner of 11 awards), with
direction by Debora Dubois and musical direction by Zeca Baleiro; "The tree Berenice” children's musical; musical “Rita Lee Mora ao Lado” with Mel Lisbon; “Dinner” directed by Mauro Baptista Vedia; "Welcome
Strange” with Regina Duarte; “Days of Wine and Roses” directed by
Fabio Assunção; “The Passion According to Nelson” – musical with Helena
Ranaldi, Vanessa Gerbelli, Jarbas Homem de Mello and with texts,
songs and musical direction by Zeca Baleiro. In addition to exhibitions and shows such as: Terra Paulista Exhibition - Sesc Pompéia- SP and DVD recording by Ney Matogrosso and Dan Nakagawa. In 2017 he produced the musical “Roque Santeiro” which remained on display for 7 months at Teatro FAAP (SP). Since 2018, he has been producing the musical comedy “A Vida em Vermelho” with Letícia Sabatella and Fernando Alves Pinto. Currently showing in SP with the comedy “O Martelo” with Edwin Luisi, Anderson Muller and Natallia Rodrigues.
Branca e Branca Produções Artísticas Ltda (Brancalyone Produções).
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