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Matteo Bonfitto

Matteo Bonfitto is Actor-Performer, Theater Director, Full Professor at the Department of Performing Arts - IA - Unicamp, Coordinator of LabACT - Laboratory of Performance and Practical Knowledge (DAC Unicamp) and CNPq PQ2 Researcher. He attended the School of Dramatic Art at the University of São Paulo and graduated at DAMS - Department of Art, Music and Show - Università degli Studi di Bologna - Italy, obtaining the maximum grade (110 e lode). He holds a Master of Arts from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo and a Doctor (PhD) from the Royal Holloway University of London - at England. In addition to the artistic work presented in Brazil and abroad, he has consistent experience in the field of Arts, especially with regard to the actor-performer's acting processes. He has published numerous articles in several languages ​​on this subject, as well as the books "O Ator Compositor" (Perspectiva, 2002), "A Kinética do Invisível" (Perspectiva, 2009) - also published in English "The Kinetics of the Invisible" (Peter Lang, 2016) - and "Between the Actor and the Performer" (Perspectiva, 2013). He is a member of ABRACE - Brazilian Association for Research and Postgraduate Studies in Performing Arts, of IFTR - International Federation for Theater Research, of PSi - Performance Studies International and currently also of the Editorial Board (Guest Editor) of the Performance and Mindfulness Magazine of the University of Huddersfield, England. Served as Visiting Scholar at The Graduate Center - CUNY, New York City; Freie Universität Berlin and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3. He also developed research at the Istituto Nazionale Di Studi Sul Rinascimento (INSR), in Firenze, Italy and at CET University of Lisbon. Ad-hoc referee for Capes, CNPq and FAPESP, he is leader of the CNPq Research Group "The Creative Processes in Performing Arts and the Practice Knowledge". He is Artistic Director of Núcleo Performa (, with which he presented shows and performances, in addition to Brazil, in Chile, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, China, Portugal, United States, Colombia and Cuba. In an academic context, he was awarded the "Zeferino Vaz Award" conferred by UNICAMP. In terms of art, highlights include the award for "Em Lugar Não", directed by Beth Lopes, at the Physical Theater Festival of the British Council; the nomination for the Shell Award for Best Actor with "End of Match", by Samuel Beckett, directed by Yoshi Oida; and two nominations and an APCA Award attributed to "SCinestesia", whose scenic dramaturgy was created in partnership with Cia de Danças de Diadema.

Many experiences contributed significantly to the development of his work as a performer as well as a theatre director. Among them it is important to refer to the encounters with some artists, such as: Luiz Damasceno, Celso Frateschi, Enrico Masseroli, Judith Malina, Josef Svoboda, Onoe Ozomu, John Kalamandalam, Beth Lopes, Yedda Chaves, Gennadi Bogdanov, Tapa Sudana, Sotigui Kouyaté, Gisela Dória, J.Ed Araiza, Tom Nelis, Barney O’Hanlon, Leon Ingulsrud, Stephen Webber, Akiko Aizawa, Meredith Monk, Ellen Fisher, Tom Bogdan, Lenny Harrison, Daniele Santos, Ana Bottosso and Yoshi Oida.

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