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Beth Lopes

Beth Lopes is a theater director, researcher, and collaborator at PERFORMA. With a reputation as an unconventional director, Beth

Lopes provokes with her biting humor, putting on stage characters extracted from a world of vertiginous, passionate, violent, multiple and simultaneous events. In addition to the visual force and theatrical performance of the shows, it reflects the contemporary “Zietgest”

(spirit of the time) with scenic vigor. The visceral core of her scenic research always explores innovations in the forms and techniques of working with the actor. Her work seeks to give legitimacy to the actor

as a creator who has her own resources to produce a consistent interpretation, in order to account for a new dramaturgy that subverts the paradigms of traditional theater. Limiting the boundaries of a aesthetics is a difficult task and may not express the expressive diversity of her work. Through the creation of each show, she seeks to go beyond the limits of the word to create a specific and vibrant

scenic text with the actor's body, lighting, music and space.


Among the numerous shows directed by her, it is worth highlighting: Sweet Memories (1998), based on Ecléa Bosi's book entitled Memories of Elders; Nowhere (1998), based on the book Awakenings, by

Oliver Sacs; Silence, based on Peter Handke's Self-Accusation (2000); Descartes (2001), based on the metaphysical meditation IV by René Descartes On the True and the False (2001); Albergue de Fantasmas (2003), based on the dreams of the actors themselves and texts by Jorge Luís Borges; Quarteto em Diagonal (2004), text by Heiner Müller; and (A)tentados, text by Martin Crimp (2007).

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