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Suia Legaspe

Suia Legaspe - actress
Graduated from ECA/USP in Performing Arts – Degree and Interpretation in 1983; at the “DESMOND JONES SCHOOL OF MIME”, in 1985, London, England; and in the Interpreting and Directing course at the “BRITISH THEATER ASSOCIATION”, with Daniel Labonne, London. Main works in cinema: 2013 - A CORTINA – short film – directed by André Schutz; 2014 – BRUTALIDADE, short film - by Henrique Zanoni - Best Actress Award, Festival Primeiro Plano - Juiz de Fora; 2014 - “HAMLET”, by Cristiano Burlan; 2016 - “Between Flowers and Diapers”, short film by Gabriel Manso; 2017 - “How to hold a cloud to the ground”, short film by Marco Paiva.
Main theater works: O BOOK OF JOB, by Luís de Abreu, directed by Tó Araújo; MARIA QUITÉRIA, by Marici Salomão, directed by Fernando Peixoto; VERMOUTH, by Aimar Labaki, directed by Gianni Ratto; AQUI ACONTEÇO, by Orides Fontela, directed by Ary França; SOME PLACE OUTSIDE THE WORLD, created by CIA CORPOS NÔMADES, directed by João Andreazzi – APCA Award – DANCE – LANGUAGE RESEARCH – 2005; NO NATAL A PEOPLE COME BUSCAR, by Naum Alves de Souza, directed by Elvira Gentil – Portugal – 2006; ASSIM COM ROSE, by Mário Viana, directed by Jairo Mattos; AS TRÊS IRMÃS, by Anton Chekcov, directed by Pedro Garrafa; TEMPO DE VIVER, by Carlos Colabone, directed by Carlos Colabone and Gonzaga Pedrosa; END OF DEPARTURE, by Samuel Beckett, directed by Yoshi Oida and Matteo Bonfitto, 2019 - Shell Best Actor nomination for Matteo Bonfitto. Currently in the process of creating SELF-ACCUSATION, by Peter Handke.
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