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All scars are nice and clean

In All Scars are Nice and Clean many acting processes were explored. Starting from real facts, occurred in different contexts, in England as well as in Mexico, together, I, the actor Victor Ramirez and the director Alison Hodge put into practice procedures associated with storytelling.

In this way, the articulation between intercultural materials generated different modes of improvisation which provided, in turn, elements which constituted the narrative structure of the performance.

All Scars are Nice and Clean was presented at the Studio Theatre (RHUL), England.

Cast: Matteo Bonfitto, Gloria Andrade, Cécile Fisera, Victor Ladrón de Guevara

Costumes: Katarzyna Person

Light Design: Chris Ruby & Elizabeth Ace

Cenography: Helen Stewart & Geraldine Bunzel

Multimedia: Chand Bhinder & José María de Tavira

Executive Producer: Sean Brennan

Assistant Director: José María de Tavira

Directed by Víctor Ladrón de Guevara

Supervision: Alison Hodge

Web Design: Chand Bhinder & David Thurlby

Duration: 60 min

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