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From the work of Matei Visniec

Directed and adapted by Louise Belmonte and Rodrigo Pocidonio


Antimadox shows us three characters - played by Matteo Bonfitto, Suia

Legaspe and Beto Amorim - who are longtime friends and who meet in a

left-over bar/guesthouse in a decaying town by the sea.

Gradually, we understand that their lives are the same as they have been

for years, that the city they find themselves in is a forgotten city, lost in time. "They seem to be repeating the same actions, the same jokes, the same

fights, day after day after day, for countless years" comments actor and

founder of Núcleo Performa, Matteo Bonfitto.

Madox arrives in the city and destabilizes each of its inhabitants, putting in

check the symbolic system that sustained their social and affective

relationships and all their certainties.

The three characters in the show spent the last three nights alone with this

man: Dionysian nights, filled with drink and gambling. The three have an encounter with Madox that leaves a chasm in their tedious, truth-filled lives.

But something is even harder to accept: The three of them have spent the

last three nights alone with the same man. Each in their home at the same t

imeMadox's supposed ubiquity distorts the boundaries of time/space as

those people knew it. Along with these classical physics notions, it also

distorts the entire perception of what is REAL for these figures.



In the same way, the public will also be put face to face with these

paradoxes through the game of staging that articulates videomapping,

music, cinema, lights and the game of actors in an attempt to create a performative universe that is as unique as it is disturbing.


Three residents of a small town by the sea have their world view and their personal truths shaken by the arrival of an outsider: the mysterious Madox.

As they talk about the nights they spent, each in their respective houses, drinking and playing with Madox, they realize a disturbing possibility:

Madox apparently has the ability to be in several places at once.

This ubiquitous and mysterious figure destabilizes the entire symbolic

system that sustained the affective and social relations of that village and

the three characters are forced to take a deep dive into their personal

abysses, which they had been avoiding for so long.

Team of Creators

Original text: Matei Vișniec

Direction and adaptation: Louise Belmonte & Rodrigo Pocidonio

Cast: Beto Amorim, Matteo Bonfitto and Suia Legaspe

Audiovisual performance: Thiago Liguori

Direction of movement and body preparation: Daniele Santos

Musical direction and original score: Morris

Scenography and video installation: Bijari

Bijari creative team: Geandre Tomazoni and Débora Pistore

Lighting: Camila Jordan

Costume Design: Louise Belmonte & Rodrigo Pocidonio

Collaborating actor in the research of the show: Ary França

Cenotechnics: Leo Ceolin

Scenotechnic assistant: Gabriel Alves Tunes

Tailoring: Maison de Lello

Operation Lighting: Camila Jordão and Clara Caramez

Integrated live electronics programming: Thiago Liguori

Film Editing: Louise Belmonte

Videographers: Alice Krotozynska, Claus Lehmann and Pedro Athie

Graphic design: Rodrigo Pocidonio

Photography: Carine Wallauer

Executive Producer: Fabricio Sindice

Production Director: Edinho Rodrigues

Co-production: Desiring Machines

Realization: Núcleo Performa and Brancalyone Produções

Financing: Municipal Theater Promotion Program

for the City of São Paulo


Teaser - 1 min.

Espetáculo completo - 72 min.

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