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Gathering by the Senses 

Convocation is a spectacle made of poorly elaborated indignations, conflicting desires and urgencies that are not manifested by speech. We are faced here with images that dissolve the boundaries between the lyrical and the epic and that question the place and nature of knowledge, transmitted inside and outside educational institutions. With disruption as a major drive, the show is proposed as a multisensory Opera, where words mix with more and less melodic sounds, colors, fabrics, lights, space and the bodies and voices that inhabited the Largo dom Paço in Braga, Portugal.

Team of Creators:
Staging and Dramaturgy: Tiago Porteiro and Matteo Bonfitto
Musical Direction: Ricardo Barceló.
Stewards: Carla Cruz, Francesca Rayner and Vitor Matos
Scenography: Coordination: Carla Cruz and Carlos Maia, Beatriz Marques, Isabel Cabral, Joana Cunha, Mónica Faria
Performers: Annie Harada, Beatriz Bernardes, Bruna Leite, Carolina Neves, Daniela Silva, Daniela Pereira, Diana Oliveira, Érica Sousa, Joana Lopes, Luciano Russo, Mariana Azevedo, Núria Brito, Vanessa Sousa and Thiago Meira.
Musicians: Bruna Castro - Piano; Flávio Costa - Percussion; Gonçalo Cravinho - double bass; Juvânia Munguambe – viola d'arco
Luís Salomé – Saxophone and Tiago Carvalho – Guitar

Largo do Paço,
Braga, PT

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