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Cry Baby Cry - A Performative Triptych

Cry Baby Cry was conceived in three parts which are articulated on multiple levels. Using the notion of triptych from visual arts, we propose in this case a resignification of the term: instead of three interconnected images we produced in “Cry” three performative materials which function as intermingled layers. The central focus here is associated with the idea of infantilism: at what level it is possible to associate many problems which permeate the brazilian society –  corruption, the lack of a real sense of community, etc  - with a broadened notion of infantilism? This question can be seen as one of the impulses that generated the materials performed in this production.

Three Parts: “Urban Bubble” – “Citytours” – “Only After the Carnival”

“Cry Baby Cry” represents a further development in our performative investigations in which research and artistic experimentation are deeply intertwined.

This production premiered at the International Street Theatre Festival in Porto Alegre.

Conception: Matteo Bonfitto e Graziela Mantoanelli

Performers: Gisela Dória Jucca Rodrigues, Matteo Bonfitto

Costumes and Props: Helô Cardoso Ribas

Seamstress: Dona Saúde

Sound Engineer: Roberto Torminn

Research on Carnival: Yaskara Manzini, Adriana Gomes

Soundtrack: PERFORMA

Directed by Graziela Mantoanelli

View and/or Download the Clipping and Light Rider file from the Show

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