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Corrupted Words

Solo inspired by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal’s – “The Letter of Lord Chandos”

A disillusioned writer leads a group of spectators through a path permeated by atmospheres and situations. In the final stage of this path a banquet will be offered to the participants in which the main course is our imagination.

The Corrupted Words Project represents a convergence of different processes. First of all it emerged from a sort of indignation associated with brazilian as well as international political scene. Together with a perceptible ethical degeneration, the words seem to be losing their authority. Besides, this work emerged from the contact with a very powerful text written by Hoffmansthal: “The Letter of Lord Chandos”. In this literary masterpiece, we witness a growing disenchantment of a writer – Lord Chandos – with words, that is, with verbal and written language. Words, in his view, are perceived as “rotten mushrooms”.

However, Corrupted Words tries to go beyond hasty criticism. In this sense, words are seen in this project also as a means to develop ourselves as human beings. As pointed out by Hanna Arendt, amongst other philosophers, human beings are not a given; beings, in order to become humans, require a constant work. This show premiered at SESC Ipiranga and was presented in different venues in Brazil.

View and/or Download the Clipping and Light Rider file from the Show

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