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São Paulo is a  Party

This work was commissioned by Banco do Brasil, in order to celebrate the opening of its Cultural Center in the city of São Paulo.

As a exploratory material we used in this case short written pieces called by their author, Fernando Bonassi, ‘instantaneous theatricalities’. However, as occurred in other productions created by Performa, literary texts was seen here as a material among others, which do not impose a priori the meanings that can be generated in each creative process.

One of the characteristics that make this work specific is the articulation explored in this case between outer and inner space. In fact, the actions carried out by the actors here were developed within the main atrium of CCBB-SP as well as in the crossroad which is located in front of the CCBB-SP building. Among the results that came out of these dynamic articulation, it is important not to overlook the role played by the audience. In this case, the audience did not work just as a receptor or witness of the artistic work; the audience here became a constitutive element of the artistic work itself.

Cast: Isabella Graeff, Luis Carlos Rossi, Yedda Chaves and Matteo Bonfitto

Author: Fernando Bonassi

Directed by Beth Lopes

Visualize e/ou Baixe o arquivo com o Clipping de São Paulo é uma festa

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